Friday, May 21, 2010

Feline UTI - How to Use a Natural Treatment For a Cat With a Thickened Bladder

If you have a cat with a thickened bladder the most routine parts of her life can become nothing short of an ordeal. Pain, discomfort and loss of appetite can become a regular fact of life, turning a once happy pet into a listless, uncomfortable one. If your cat is prone to developing a thickened bladder, you can avoid the unpleasant effects by using safe, gentle natural products to both treat symptoms and boost the immune system.

Bladder and urinary tract infections can lead to thickening of the bladder wall, which in turn can cause blockage and other urination problems. If you have a cat that is prone to thickened bladder you need to be aware of potential symptoms so that they can seek treatment as quickly as possible to prevent serious complications.

If your cat strains to urinate, has blood in her urine or begins to urinate in unusual locations, this could be a sign of a urinary tract problem. A cat with thickened bladder can also become lethargic, experience loss of appetite and run a fever. If any of these symptoms present, it is important that you take your cat to the vet right away to find out the underlying cause. Once your vet knows what is causing the symptoms, he can suggest proper treatment.

In most cases, a course of antibiotics will be prescribed but this treatment is not without its risks. Not only can antibiotics weaken the immune system, they will also commonly kill off helpful bacteria in your cat's system along with the harmful bacteria which is causing the infection. When it comes to treating a cat with thickened bladder you need to be particularly careful about using antibiotics. Antibiotics shoot a hole in your cat's protective immune system which opens the door for recurring infections.

Treating a cat with a thickened bladder really needs to be a multi-pronged approach, including natural products which can ease symptoms as well as boost the immune system and promote good overall health. With a special blend of herbs and other plant based ingredients, these products can provide healing without the harsh side effects of antibiotics.

When dealing with a thickened bladder cat you still need to provide proper diet, plenty of fresh water along with these natural remedies. Avoid commercial pet foods and turn to a raw meat diet if possible. Also be sure that your cat has a clean litter box at all times to promote normal, healthy urination habits.

Proper hydration is always important but it is even more crucial when your cat is suffering from a bladder infection as it helps to flush out toxins. Natural immune system supplements can also be of great benefit, especially to a cat with a thickened bladder that may be prone to recurring infections.

If thickening of the bladder is an issue for your cat, there are steps you can take to make life easier for both of you. A balanced diet, plenty of water and exercise can all help your cat to live healthier as can the use of natural products to ease uncomfortable symptoms. Consider all your options and find a safe, gentle natural solution to keep bladder problems at bay.

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